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NALC SEPT GR CH of CH's UKC GRCH Cnd CH Cross Check's Smith & Wesson

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Sire: CHDA CH SEXT GR CH of CH's J Cross' Checkers  

Dam: QUAD GRCH U-GRCH CRB-CH J Cross' Ammunition
Red Leopard w/ Tan and White Trim
Eyes: R – blue, L – brown w/ blue crack
October 22, 2011- February 28, 2023
Weight: 65lbs
Height: 24"
PennHIP: L 0.33, R 0.25
OFA: Good

Wesson truly was an all around dog.  He circled on a rail working cattle, with the stock sense to know when to use his powerful stop.  He had incredible stamina and his recovery time was very short, especially for a dog his size.  Wesson was a medium to long range dog with a hot nose and a powerful voice.  He opened when a track was hot and had a gorgeous hound like treeing style.  We never hunted him in the hog woods.  He was a larger, rangy style dog, with lots of leg and very nice conformation.  He was a sweet pup with a very laid back and forgiving temperament, but was wary of strangers at first.  Wesson had cow dog champion points, and was a B-Bay Champion, Grand Champion of B-Bay Champions,  Tree Dog Champion, a Grand Champion of Tree Dog Champions, a Show Champion, a Champion of Show Champions and a Grand Champion of Show Champions making him a Sept Grand Champion of Champions.  He was well started on his Canadian Rare Breed conformation champion title before the club folded, and was an ABI Canadian Champion and a UKC conformation grand champion.  Wesson was retired from the conformation show ring with an NALC Best of Show Male, an NALC Reserve Best of Show Male, 5 Best In Multi Breed Show wins, 2 Reserve Best In Multi Breed Show wins, a Best Puppy in Multi Breed Show and a Group 1 win at the UKC's biggest show of the year, the UKC Premier.  

Wesson was retired from the show and trial pens before his passing.

Wesson had 49 cow dog champion points,  69 champion points in b-bay and all his requirements for his HD-B Ch title, 61 points in treeing and all his requirements for his TD Ch title, and has his GR CH TD CH title and 40 points in conformation and all his requirements for his Sh Ch title and has his CH of SH CH's and GR CH of SH CH's titles with the NALC

Wesson was the dog we went to in every aspect o our program for most of his life. We noticed him slowing down as he turned 10, then 11, but he never quit.  His loss was a shock to us and to the program, and he leaves a huge hole behind.  He was the bar that all our other dogs have to measure up to.  We are going to miss his goofy personality, his talent and his experience, but most of all we will miss his hugs.

Gathering breeding heifers
Wesson circling
Wesson treed
Wesson gathering pairs
Wesson gathering pairs
Wesson circling
Wesson coming around
Wesson gathering pairs
Gathering pairs
Wesson pushing back
Wesson braking green cows
Wesson penning cows
Wesson gathering pairs
Wesson breaking green cows
Wesson circling
Wesson on yearlings
Wesson circling
Wesson holding
Wesson moving dry cows
Wesson gathering pairs
Wesson in the river
Wesson pushing back
Wesson and his boy
Settling cow/calf pairs

Short video of Wesson with a bayed up set of cows and calves, with a clip of him taking a running calf back to the herd.

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