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Cross Check's Turmoil

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Sire: QUINT GRCH UKC GRCH Cnd Ch Cross Check's Smith & Wesson

Dam: QUAD GRCH UKC GRCH CRB CH Cross Check's Cyclone

Eyes: R – brown, L – brown
Born: September 23, 2014
Weight: 52lbs
Height: 23"
OFA: Good

Turn is one of those dogs that just grabs you, for no obvious reason, right from the beginning.  He was meant to be sold as a started dog, but he is just too much of what we look for to part with him.  Turn has loads of circle, lots of stop, and the stock sense to know when to use both.  Turn has been used on all kinds of stock, and has proven that he can get the job done.  He has a wicked nose, and a gorgeous treeing style, coupled with a small amount of crazy.  He has a strong medium nose and long range.  He's a long, rangy dog, making him wicked fast and giving him a large amount of stamina.  Turn suffers from "stage fright" so we don't haul him much to trials and shows, but he is started on his NALC conformation champion title, and is being hauled as a part of our cowdog team.


Turn has 11 champion points in cow dog, 4 point in treeing and 6 points in conformation with the NALC.

Turn moving dry cows
Turn gathering cow calf pairs
Turn b-baying
Turn moving dy cows
Turn in a ground den
Turn gathering pairs
Turn circling
Turn circling
Turn b-baying
Turn stopping a runner
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