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Cochran's Shiner

Shiner in sumer

Sire: K-Jun's Smoke

Dam: Wishbone's Ziva
Black Leopard
Eyes: R – amber, L – amber
Born: Sept. 5, 2017
Weight: 32lbs
Height: 19"

Shiner is from Cochran Catahoulas in Mississippi.  She's a tiny little spit fire, with a lot of what we like to see in our dogs.  We are super pleased to have her heart and desire in our working pack, and we are seeing a lot of circle and cow sense.  Shiner is a long range dog with a hot to medium nose.  She glues herself to a tree and will bay on scent alone.  Shiner is a really neat dog, but when we call her little we mean it.  She is a small stature Catahoula, and even though that is not holding her back, she is just too small and won't be used in our breeding program.  Shiner debuted her trialing career like a superstar, placing in 2 of the 3 working events she was entered in!  

Shiner has 2 cow dog champion points and 4 champion points in B-Bay with the NALC

Penning cow/calf pairs
Gathering heifers
Gathering pairs
Baby Shiner with Rosie
Found a yearling
Bringing back a runner
Baying up pairs
Second night hunt
Working with other pups
Barn hunt
Christmas picture
Baby Shiner
Holding a fighter
Holding the bull
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