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The Little Dog with the Big Heart

October 13, 1997 - January 31, 2012


Scooter was not a Catahoula, but she didn't know that.  She was the Jack that decided she wanted to be one of the big dogs.  
Scooter was 8 years old when we brought our first Catahoula, Rodeo, home and her life of leisure as a house pet and occasional 
varmint dog changed completely.  She loved it.
Scooter came into her own as a ratter and mouser around the farm, but also loved to take on bigger critters like coons and possum.  
There were many times that she found herself in a predicament and even though she thought she had it under control, one of the big 
dogs would have to go into whatever den or hole she was in and bail her out.  She thought she was a cow dog, she would go out into 
the field and run around and bay like she knew what she was doing, but after a near encounter with a hoof at 10 years old, we 
decided she was best left in the house while working the stock.  Scooter would even b-bay.  We dragged her all the way to 
Mississippi to see what she'd do and wouldn't even look at that wild hog, but one year when we had a white domestic hog here at the 
ranch, she decided she'd like to bay pigs after all.
Scooter was an excellent puppy trainer and a great varmint dog.  She managed to change the mind of many small dog haters and 
gave us many stories to tell about her escapades.

We miss you everyday you Old Grump.

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