NALC TRI GR CH of CH's UKC CH Cnd Ch J Cross' Revolution

Sire: SEPT GRCH UKC CH J Cross' Mr Twister  

Dam: J Cross' Ms Sippi

Blue Leopard w/ Tan Trim and White
Eyes: R – blue with brown crack, L – amber
Born: September 18, 2013
Weight: 58lbs
Height: 23"
PennHIP: L 0.50, R 0.34
OFA: Unilateral Mild

Rev is a long awaited addition to our kennel.  We have admired his dam, J Cross' Ms Sippi of Lakeside Catahoulas, for a long time and tried to get a pup off of her a couple of times, but it never seemed to work out.  So when she was bred to Twister, who is the sire of our Punch and Cyclone, we jumped at the chance.  Rev has a lot of circle and stock sense, making him very efficient in the field.  He does not waste energy causing problems, but will stop anything that starts to get out of control.   Rev is a long range dog, and he has a hot to medium nose on him.  He is starting to get his feet under him in the coon woods, and is a natural in the hog woods, striking a track and jumping his own hog the first time on the ground.   He is unbelievably soft, with a very sweet temperament.  He is our resident puppy trainer after the loss of Punch.  He takes snarks in stride and just keeps doing his job.  Rev has quickly become one of the dogs that we lean on the most in the day to day operations.  He's got a lean build with great conformation and incredible movement.  He has earned both his Show Champion and B-Bay champion titles with the NALC, as well as his B-Bay grand champion of champions title, making him a Tri grand champion of champions.  He also has treeing and cow dog champion points.  He is an ABI Canadian Champion, and a UKC Champion.


Rev has 21 cow dog champion points, 50 champion points in B-Bay and all the requirements for his HD-B Ch title and has his GR CH HD-B CH title, 26 points in treeing, and 42 points in conformation and all the requirements for his Sh Ch title with the NALC.

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Working Catahoula breeder in Ontario, Canada.  Cross Check Catahoulas work cows, coon hunt, trial and show.