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NALC Comb Ch Cross Check's CowPuncher

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Sire: SEPT GR CH of CH's UCH J Cross' Mr Twister

Dam: GRCH HD-B CH's UGRCH CRB GRCH Banik RB's Kenzie
Black w/ White Toes & Chest
Eyes: R – brown, L – brown
August 12, 2009 - July 6, 2015
Weight: 50lbs
Height: 23"
PennHIP: L 0.43, R 0.33
OFA: Excellent

"I've rode all the rank ones, down to my last run

I've bulldogged the devil in three seconds flat

My years have been many. True loves found me plenty.

Ain't a cowboy on earth who could want more than that."

- Cowboy Farewell (Curly Musgraves)

Punch brought flash and style to everything he did.  With a tendency to quarter back on cattle and a good dose of stock sense, he was an excellent flank dog.  He also packed a fair bit of bite if things started to get away from him.  Punch was a small, solidly built dog with very nice conformation.  He had an excellent nose with a medium range and a sit-and-chop treeing style.  Punch had a ton of style and determination in the bay pen and the intelligence and stock sense to perform well in the woods.  Punch had champion points in Treeing, B-Bay and conformation with the NALC and earned a Combination Champion title in treeing and b-bay at 2 years old.  Punch was shown on a very limited basis.


Punch was the only male out of our very first litter.  He got into a pretty large train wreck as a puppy, getting hoofed pretty bad while learning about gathering yearling heifers, and when he tried to come back to us, he got hung up in a hot wire fence.  Despite the rough start, Punch managed to pull through the uncertainty and become one of the most used dogs in the pack.  Punch's stopping power was perfect for dog breaking and heads up cattle.   Punch lived in Mississippi for a time with our friends at J Cross Catahoulas to gain some experience in the hog woods.  On one of his first trips to the woods, the dogs jumped a massive boar hog weighing in at almost 300lbs.  The older dogs managed to get the hog stopped, but he broke the bay, and cut a couple of the dogs, including Punch's sire, Twister, pretty bad.  Punch and another young dog ran the hog down, and Punch managed to turn him and get him to come to bay.  Tori will tell anyone who will listen that Punch saved Twister's life that day, as Twister would have bled out if Punch hadn't stopped that hog.


Punch was intense, no matter what we asked of him, and on the same hand he was steady and tolerant, which made him an excellent puppy trainer.  He's the first of the Cross Check bred dogs to leave us, and we sure are going to miss Craig's Little Buddy.


"When he put his head down and went there was nothing he didn't believe he couldn't stop. He taught me what it is to truly love a dog. I won't ever forget. I'll cya on the other side little buddy. Give em hell until I catch up." - Craig Reid


Punch had 32 champion points in b-bay, 16 points in treeing, and 13 points in conformation with the NALC, and had 
his Comb Ch title.  He also had 3 champion points with the CHDA.

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