J Cross' CowPoke

Sire: J Cross' Rowdy

Dam: J Cross' MeeTwo

Silver w/ Tan Trim
Eyes: R – yellow, L – yellow
Born: July 6, 2015
Weight: 50lbs
Height: 22"

Poke is the grandson of Cross Check's CowPuncher, and you can certainly tell.  He is built small, but very correct with excellent chest capacity and the bone and muscling to ensure extreme stamina.  He is very balanced, with good back length and leg to match.  Poke has a steady circle on cattle as they are settling, and is a head dog when driving.  He is learning about stopping cattle, and we expect him to be pretty handy at turning a runner.  He has a medium to hot nose, and is showing us long range so far.  He has a tremendous voice on tree, or on cattle.  Poke has just begun his show and trial careers, but he already has a few points in conformation, b-bay and cow dog.  We expect some pretty big things from him and his boy, Colton.


Unfortunately Poke suffers from a condition known as Colour-Dilution Alopecia and as such will not be bred.


Poke has 4 cow dog champion points, 13 champion points in b-bay, and 7 points in conformation with the NALC.

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Working Catahoula breeder in Ontario, Canada.  Cross Check Catahoulas work cows, coon hunt, trial and show.