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Six & Shiner
Bow, Six
Wesson, Poke, Nifty & Turn
Nifty, Wesson & Turn
2017 Rev X Nifty pups at a ground de
2017 pups heading out
Rosie and our keeper female Six
Junior Showmanship
Rev, Wesson & Nifty
Wesson & Rev
Wesson and Havoc
Wesson and Havoc
Puppy Love
Turn & Poke
Rosie and Thor
Wesson & Rev
Rev and Skippy
Ticky and Rev
Colton and Cyclone
Nifty at NALC Louisiana
Moving dry cows
Havoc and Turn
Havoc and Turn
Mayhem, Fury and Turn
Turn baying a rock
Turn and Havoc
Colton and Havoc
Twister, Punch and Rev
Kenzie and Cyclone
Kenzie and Cyclone
Punch, Ammo and Rodeo
Ticky and Wesson
Cyclone and Angus
Angus and Rodeo
Angus and Punch
Angus and Kenzie
Angus, Kenzie and Rodeo
Angus and Kenzie
Angus and Kenzie
Angus and Kenzie
Angus and Kenzie
Cyclone and Ammo
Ammo and Punch
Ammo and KK
Kenzie and Ammo
Ammo and Kenzie
Ammo and Angus
Kenzie and Rodeo
Rodeo and Angus
Punch and Ammo
Rodeo, Kenzie and Angus
2010-2011 hides
Ammo, Cyclone and Angus
Kenzie and Angus
Wesson and Ammo
Ammo and Ticky
Ammo and Rev
Pistol and Rev
Amm and Ticky
Wesson, Punch and Ammo
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