J Ann J's Nifty

Sire: J Ann J's Tap

Dam: Swinging C's Hope
Black Leopard w/Brindle & White Trim
Eyes: R – amber, L – amber
Born: May 9, 2015
Weight: 42lbs
Height: 21"
OFA: Good

Nifty comes to us from Jim and Ann Ayres in Texas.  She is just what we were looking for when we decided to bring in some outside blood to compliment not only the work of the J Cross bloodline, but also the look and the temperament.  Nifty started baying the day we brought her home.  She has a good amount of circle and is learning how to use her stop.  She is fast becoming an integral part of our every day using pack, and you will be able to see her in NALC cow dog trials.  Nifty has been in the woods a couple of times, and is long range.  She hit the ground running, following the older dogs 900 plus yards out the first time we dropped her.  She has a really nice treeing style, and is showing us a hot to medium nose.  We have already started showing and trialing Nifty, and she has champion points in cow dog, b-bay and conformation with the NALC.  She is also started on her UKC and ABI conformation champion titles.

Nifty has 10 cow dog champion points, 13 champion points in b-bay, 24 champion point in treeing and 20 points in conformation with the NALC

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