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Wishbone's Heirloom


Sire: J Ann J's Sam

Dam: Happy Hollow's Wendy
Blue Leopard w/ Tan Trim
Eyes: R – amber, L – amber
Born: April 8, 2018
Weight: 47lbs
Height: 22"

Lou comes to us from Wishbone Catahoulas in Mississippi.  We decided to name her Heirloom because Wishbone was the foundation kennel for Happy Hollow, which was the foundation kennel for J Cross, which is our foundation.  All three kennel names appear in her papers, so not only is she a great addition to our program on her own merit, she carries the lines that we truly believe are some of the best out there.  Lou is very hot on cattle, and has lots of bite.  She tends to quarter back, and makes a really neat head dog.  Lou is a very well built female, and is very balanced in her height and length.  She's built for stamina, and has the flash to do well in the ring, and is already started on her ABI champion title after only being to 1 show as a grown dog.  We are excited for what her showing and working careers will bring to the table.

Gathering pairs
First time on cows
Baby Lou
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