QUAD GRCH UGRCH CRB CH J Cross' Ammunition

Born July 15, 2008


NALC Quadruple Grand Champion of Champions consisting of:

NALC Tree Dog Champion

NALC Show Champion

NALC Champion of Show Champions

NALC Grand Champion of Show Champions


UKC Conformation Grand Champion

Canadian Rare Breed Champion

J Ann J's Nifty

Born May 15, 2015

Champion pointed in Cow Dog, B-Bay, Treeing and Conformation with the NALC

Conformation Champion pointed with the UKC and ABI

Cross Check's 4-5-6

Born November 20, 2017

Champion pointed in conformation with the NALC

ABI Junior Conformation Champion

Wishbone's Heirloom

Born April 4, 2018

Champion pointed with ABI

Cochran's Shiner

Born September 7, 2017

Champion pointed in cow dog and b-bay with the NALC

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