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NALC QUAD GRCH UKC GRCH Can. Rare Breed CH Cross Check's Cyclone

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Sire: SEPT GR CH of CH's U-CH J Cross' Mr Twister

Dam: GRCH HD-B CH's U-GRCH CRB-GRCH Banik RB's Kenzie
Black Leopard
Eyes: R – brown w/ blue crack, L – brown
August 12, 2009 - October 14, 2020
Weight: 46lbs
Height: 22"
PennHIP: L 0.32, R 0.27
OFA: Good

"I'm unstoppable
I'm a Porsche with no brakes
I'm invincible
Yeah, I win every single game
I'm so powerful
I don't need batteries to play
I'm so confident, yeah, I'm unstoppable today
Unstoppable today, unstoppable today
Unstoppable today, yeah, I'm unstoppable today" - Unstoppable (Sia)

Cyclone was a solid all around dog, but she lived to work cattle.  She had a ton of circle, lots of stopping power and cow sense and heart to spare.  She was a well put together dog with a very efficient build and a sweet-as-pie personality.  Cyclone had a great nose and a medium range hunting style. Cyclone was retired from competition, with NALC champion points in b-bay, and was a Show Champion, a Champion of Show Champions and a Grand Champion of Show Champions, and a Tree Dog Champion, making her a NALC QUAD Grand Champion of Champions.  She also had her UKC Conformation Grand Champion title and her Canadian Rare Breed Conformation Champion title and was retired from the show ring with a Reserve Best Puppy In Show win, a Best In Multi Breed Show win and 2 NALC Reserve Best of Show Female wins.  

Cyclone was born in the very first Cross Check litter, and she helped us to understand what we were capable of producing.  For a long time, Cyclone was there for us to lean on, and she helped to train a bunch of youngsters that came after her.  We really don't have the words to describe how much she gave us as a family member and as a working dog.  All that's left to say is git'em Syke-Baby. 

Cyclone had 34 champion points in b-bay, 61 points in treeing and all her requirements for her TD Ch  title , and 41 points in conformation and all her requirements for her Sh Ch title and had her CH of SH CH's and GR CH of SH CH's with the NALC

Cyclone circling yearlings
Cyclone gathering pairs
Cyclone in pre-junior showmanship
Cyclone open baying
Cyclone treed
Cyclone holding calves
Cyclone and her boy
Cyclone b-baying
Cyclone b-baying home
Riding the ATV
Cyclone holding a fighter
Cyclone circlingedited
Cyclone circling
Cyclone putting back a runner
Cyclone circling
Cyclone breaking green cows
Cross Check's Cyclone
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