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Cross Check's Excalibur

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Sire: TRI GRCH UCH Cnd CH J Cross' Revolution

Dam: QUAD GRCH UGRCH CRB CH J Cross' Ammunition

Black w/ Tan Trim & White
Eyes: R – brown, L – brown
Born: April 20, 2016
Weight: 60lbs
Height: 24"
OFA: Good

Bow is a very intense dog, and has been since he was a pup.  Turning on and baying hogs and coons at 10 weeks old, he has not slowed down.  Bow has lots of circle, bite, and extreme bottom.  He takes a lickin' and keeps on tickin'.  Bow is the dog we turn to when we have green or bad cattle to gather.  With his experience and stopping power, they don't get away with much when he's on the ground.  Bow is co-owned with our good friend, Steve Cotter, so he does not get as much exposure to cattle as our other dogs do, but it does not seem to matter much to him.  He is sweet, but very hard headed.  It takes time and persistence to teach him something, but once he has it, he's very good at using it.  He is very well put together, with excellent overall balance, and an efficient and moderate build.  Bow has started showing with the NALC and UKC.  He still has to learn to control himself in all venues, but we are building on a great foundation since he seems to love every single thing he does!


Bow has 22 B-Bay champion points, and 5 points in conformation with the NALC

Bow on cows
Bow at 10 weeks
Bow on cows
Bow at 3 months
Bow on cows - 6 months
Bow on cows
Bow at 3 months
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