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NALC QUINT GR CH of CH's UKC GRCH Cnd Ch Cross Check's Ballistic

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Sire: CHDA CH SEXT GR CH of CH's J Cross' Checkers

Dam: QUAD GRCH U-GRCH CRB-CH J Cross' Ammunition
Blue Leopard w/ Tan and White Trim
Eyes: R – amber, L – brown
October 22, 2011 - October 18, 2017
Weight: 50lbs
Height: 22"
PennHIP: L 0.35, R 0.35
OFA: Good

"Hit 'em right between the eyes
Hit 'em right between the eyes
When you walk away
Nothing more to say
See the lightning in your eyes
See 'em running for their lives"
- You're Gonna Go Far Kid (The Offspring)

Ballistic, also known as Ticky, was an up close and personal kind of dog, no matter what the job was.  She was all stop, making her a decent head dog, and as we leaned harder on her with the retirement of our older dogs, she gained more circle.  Her stock sense was uncanny.  She was very rough, so was used mostly on fighting momma cows or unbroke cattle.  She had a medium nose, but was a closer range dog than we like.  She was very well put together, with a lot of flash and show ring presence to spare.  Ticky had champion titles and grand champion of champions titles in treeing and conformation with the NALC, and had her b-bay champion title, making her a QUINT Grand Champion of Champions.   Ticky was also a UKC conformation Grand Champion and had her ABI Canadian Champion title.

Ticky taught us a lot about how much sense a dog can be born with.  From the time we started her on cattle she was able to get out of situations we were certain would be a disaster.  She knew when to ride a charge out, when to get out of the way, when to go deeper and circle back out.  We lost her due to an extreme injury resulting from working fresh mama cows.  Because she knew what cows were going to do before they did, we still can't comprehend how she got into a spot that could have the outcome that it did.

"Heart and motor strike in force, 
Turning the crank and asking for more. 
Going in heavy and packing a punch,
She never backed down,
Til the herd was in a bunch. 
Blue kamikaze was always her style
She stopped the last one,
And delivered a smile. 
Rest easy Ticky,
We'll carry the mantle. 
Hurry across that green field,
Rambler needs you to grab the other handle. "
- Tori Earls

"The last ride to town
It's one we all make
Some come too early 
For others - we're late

A cowboy's best friend
Through thick and through thin
When things don't go right
We heal each other again and again

Old Father Time gets us all -
In the end
The hardest part's not knowing
What's 'round the next bend

The last ride to town
Ain't no fun for us all
We've all rode so high
Now it's time for a fall

The cows'll get penned
The work'll get done
But for awhile - at least
It's not as much fun

We all come back home
But we number one less
I've rode beside greatness
Now I'm scared we'll be less

The last ride to town
It's one we all make
We're never quite ready
But it's not fair to be late

RIP Ballistic. Give em hell. I'll manage somehow." - Craig Reid

Ticky had 71 champion points in b-bay and all the requirements for her HD-B Ch title, 45 points in treeing and all the requirements for her TD Ch title and had her GR CH TD CH title,  and 42 points in conformation and all the requirements for her Sh Ch title, and had her GR CH SH CH title.

Ticky holding a runner
Ticky taking a calf back
icky at 7 months
Ticky holding a fighter
Ticky moving pairs
Ticky getting around
Ticky and her boy
Ticky open baying
Ticky at 7 months
Ticky pushing a cow
Ticky open baying
Ticky facing up
Ticky holding ground
Ticky b-baying
Ticky using her stop
Ticky turning a runner
Ticky putting on pressure
Ticky at 10 months
Ticky b-baying
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