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NALC SH CH UKC CH Can. Rare Breed CH Roseland's Angus Influence

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Sire: Lee's Red Demon

Dam: Pumpkin Hill's Black Lace
Red w/ Tan Trim
Eyes: R – yellow, L – yellow
October 18, 2007 - February 6, 2014
Weight: 74lbs
Height: 24”
PennHIP: L 0.46,  R 0.50
OFA: Good



"I'm a hard, hard workin' man
I got it all on the line for a piece of the promised land
I'm burnin' my candle at both ends
'Bout the only way to keep the fire goin' is to outrun the wind."
- Hard Workin' Man (Brooks & Dunn)

Angus gave maximum effort all of the time making him a knock-out cow dog.  He packed a fair bit of heat, and with his tendency to circle hard, he was ideal for the rankest cattle.  He had great scenting ability, a long range hunting style, and a big voice on tree.  He was a great coon dog.  Angus was bulkier than we normally like to see in our dogs, but his outstanding instinct, drive, and heart made him an important part of our pack.  Angus was champion pointed in b-bay and treeing with the NALC, but was not used in the NALC cow dog trials after he caught and held a feeder heifer that would not stop running. He had CHDA champion points, and was a Show Champion with the NALC.  He was also a conformation Champion with both the Canadian Rare Breed Club and the UKC.

When we talk of his heart, there is one story that sticks out to us more than the rest.
We were penning a set of momma cows with young calves off a river flat, and had been working for a couple of hours when we finally got the cattle across the river and gave the dogs a break in the water.  Angus was showing some pretty alarming signs of heat stroke, and I said to Craig that we should get him out.  Craig looked at me and said, "How?"  He had a point.  We were about half way between where we cast the dogs and the cattle yard.  We would have completely lost the herd if I was to try and take him back to the truck, and he would have likely just overheated while freaking out because he was left behind.  And even if I had something to tie him up with, the same thing would have happened if we left him by the river while we continued to pen the cows.  We decided to just get the cattle penned as quickly as possible and keep an eye on him.  He never wavered in the last hour it took us to get the cattle penned and was the dog standing at the gate when the herd owner shut them in the yard.  I had to convince him to come with me to water to cool down, and at that moment, we knew that we had an exceptional dog.  A dog that would fight against his physical limitations to get the job finished not because we asked him to, but because that was what he wanted.  Angus would prove himself to be steady like that on several more occasions, but that first time will always be 
the time that we remember the most.

Angus was a tremendous dog with a ton of heart, drive and grit.  He gave his all, no matter what was asked of him, and he was a complete clown and a huge goof.  His abilities and his antics are sorely missed here.

"Moved cows for the first time last night without having Angus available. The core of the pack is now Ammo, Wesson and Cyclone, and they got everything done with no excitement, but there was something missing. It's going to be a long time before I stop looking for Angus to come wheeling around the front and control the breaking away flanks of the herd. Sure was proud of the rest, and they have always had to follow in the footsteps of giants, but never before has it been one who lived on our yard, and roamed our pastures and woodlands. RIP buddy, we'll never get used to not having you around, but we'll make do until we hook up again on the other side." - Craig Reid

Shutting down a fighter
Angus treed
Angus turning a runner
Angus treed
Angus stopping a runner
Angus getting ahead
Angus on a hog hunt
Angus getting around
Angus with his sow
Angus treed
Angus shutting down a runner
Angus b-baying
Angus with a shoat
Angus dog breaking cows
Angus treed
Angus open baying
Angus working a bull
Angus treed
Angus treed
Angus b-baying
Angus working a cow
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